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Improving Access To Chiropractic Care For Native Americans


Many disparities in Native American health are widely acknowledged today despite what the Indian Health Service (IHS) has been able to achieve so far. Access to the best health care for American Indian and Alaskan Native communities hasn’t yet been realized and one of the main reasons has been the resource limitations associated with the HIS. Chiropractic care access among Native American communities still remains an issue of major concern that should be urgently addressed. Back in 2009, a study on spine health found out that Indian Americans suffer double the rate of activity limitations due to chronic back pains (6.8%) in comparison to what the general population suffers (3.2%).


The Indian Health Service must include chiropractic physicians as supported by various US native advocacy organizations including the National Congress of American Indians (NCAI). That will significantly enhance access to the best health care available for Native American communities because chiropractic care is essential for improving patient outcomes and achieving the much needed cost reductions. The IHS has undoubtedly helped in improving the health situations of Native Americans that it currently covers. Native Americans with IHS fare far much better than the uninsured ones, but preventative care still remains inadequate. At the same time, IHS is still incurring higher costs compared to other average healthcare programs available in the USA.


Making every aspect of IHS effective is paramount, so enhancement of preventative care shouldn’t lag behind. That’s why chiropractic care and other services like acupuncture and naturopathic medicine should be integrated. That will not only help address existing disparities in the health of Native Americans, but will also enhance cost effectiveness. That to makes a lot of sense considering IHS not only delivers healthcare services directly through its facilities located within or near reservations of native communities, but also in certain urban areas through contractors.


More American Indians as well as Alaska Natives should continue to get the necessary support that encourages more students from the under served communities to join various health professions including chiropractic care. The number of Native Americans in the health care workforce definitely needs to improve and that could make a great impact. Currently most people from these communities don’t have adequate access to chiropractic care. That’s partly because the numbers of Native American Doctors of Chiropractic aren’t impressive, while they also have limited opportunities concerning employment within IHS. Such disparities are being addressed through the efforts of various organizations serving the interests of the Native Americans to complement the efforts of federal native agencies. The two organizations leading on that front include the Association of American Indian Physicians (AAIP), and the American Indian Alaska Native Doctors of Chiropractic Association (AIANDC).


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